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2015年3月3日晚,由国侨办主办、中国驻珀斯总领馆支持、西澳福建同乡会承办和西澳各侨团协办的“文化中国•四海同春”大型慰侨演出在珀斯会展中心“Convention Center”举行。中国驻珀斯总领事黄亲国博士,艺术团团长、国侨办秘书行政司司长赵昆先生,副团长、暨南大学党委书记、副校长蒋述卓博士,西澳州上议院议长Barry House MLC,西澳州财长、能源部长及多元文化部部长Dr. Mike Nahan MLA,西澳州文化艺术部影子部长Michelle Roberts MLA,西澳华人社团侨领、中资机构人员、留学生、赞助单位和各界朋友共2500位嘉宾和观众出席观看演出。



“Cultures of China ,Festival of Spring” Perth 2015
The Performance of “Cultures of China, Festival of Spring”, hosted by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, supported by Consulate-General of the P.R.C in Perth, organized by the WA Fujian Association, and assisted by other Chinese Associations, was held at Perth Convention Centre on 3rd March 2015. Dr. Qinguo Huang, Consul General, Mr. Kun Zhao, Head of the Art troupe and Director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Secretary Administration Office, Dr. Shuzhuo Jiang, Deputy Head of the Art Troupe, Secretary of Chinese Communist Party, and Vice President of Jinan University, Mr. Barry House MLC, the WA Legislative Council President, Dr. Mike Nahan MLA, Treasurer; Minister for Energy; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests, Ms. Michelle Roberts MLA, Shadow Minister for Police watched the show. More than 2500 guests and audience, including leaders of overseas Chinese association in WA, Chinese funded institutions staff, overseas students, sponsors for this event and friends from different backgrounds, watched the performance. 

Various and wonderful performance from Chinese famous singer Fangyuan Cheng, Biao Tang, Magician Ning Li, pop singer Siyin Li, outstanding young dancers from Central Nationalities Song and Dance Ensemble Ronghao Xiao and Ziyang Wang, student singers from “The Voice of China”Shen Zhou and Wei Li, and a number of brilliant young martial artists and dancers gained millions applause from the audience who were deeply impressed and enjoyed the show. All performers used their unique art language expressing the beauty of youth, beauty of times, and beauty of China to the audience. All audience enjoyed the show, experienced Chinese culture, and felt the care coming from the motherland.

The troupe re-visited Perth after two years and the performance had achieved great success. Their visiting not only enhanced the bonds between WA Chinese Associations and Chinese Affairs Department, but also inspired patriotic enthusiasm, opening a new chapter of culture exchanges between China and Australia. Additionally, the success of the event indicated the growth of the WAFA and its increasing impact on WA Chinese communities.