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魏延君老师赠予福建同乡会 “中华万福”巨印拓片

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2014年11月15日下午,中国书画家代表赴珀斯书画展开幕仪式在Stock Road Central隆重举行。西澳福建同乡会作为主要的协办方之一,从准备书画家代表团的到来、接机、安排住宿、到提供并布置书画展展览场地,为保证书画展的顺利进行尽力做到尽善尽美。



2015年5月24日,魏延君老师再次来到珀斯,福建同乡会在位于Canning Vale的新“福建之家”会所招待魏老师夫妇。

The Openning Ceremony of Perth Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition was held at the Stock Road Central on 15th November 2014. The WA Fujian Association (WAFA), as one of the major co-sponsors, made great efforts in assisting the calligraphy exhibition.

For this China Australia culture exchange event, the WAFA specially invited Chinese famous carving, calligraphy and painting artist--Mr. Yanjun Wei to attend and exhibit his masterpiece. In the opening ceremony, Mr. Wei donated a copy of his representative works -- rubbing "中华万福" to "WA Fujianense House" . The association awarded Mr. Wei an honorary certificate and souvernirs. Mr. Bangzhao Pan, the Lifetime Honorary President of the association and the chairman of "WA Fujianense House" Committee, proposed to invite Dr. Qinguo Huang, Consul General of Consulate-Generalof the P.R.C in Perth as a witness of "WA Fujianese House" program that within three years, the program would be completed and be the home of all Fujian people and overseas Chinese. 

This precious gift --- "中华万福" is extremely meaningful to the WAFA. It embodies the strength and power from all Fujian people regardless where they are, and spreads the spirit of fighting leading to victories that Fujian people have and the powerful driving force for "Fujianese House" program. 

Mr. Wei came to Perth again with his wife on 24th May 2015, and the association welcomed them in the new property of “WA Fujianese House” located at Canning Vale.